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My Gym Fun

My Gym RALLY UP Towel

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RALLY UP, My Gymers! 

Rally towels have long been waved by fans at sporting events as a symbol of team spirit and to build excitement among the crowd. Since My Gym has tons of fans and is all about excitement, our gyms should have their own symbol of team spirit. Introducing our new limited-edition My Gym RALLY UP Towel!

My Gym is known for its ability to create fun and developmental activities using all sorts of items, and in this case, even a relatively ordinary item like a towel. When used the “My Gym way,” this becomes more than just a towel. First, it will RALLY UP My Gymers, making them energized and excited before and during fun activities! Second, the towel can be used creatively for informal active play and games, like a manip.

This high-quality, soft velour towel is 15”x 18”. The first version, appropriately called “The Original,” is a sky-blue towel that ties in with our brand colors and features a black retro/distressed “athletic” My Gym logo that highlights our founding year of 1983.

Now gyms can RALLY UP for the best team of all, the My Gym team! Get this limited-edition towel now before it sells out. We plan to introduce additional styles one at a time in the future, so if you’re a collector, be sure to keep a mint condition towel of each version in a safe place.


  • Waive your towels during songs, dances, and cheers 📣 
  • Spontaneous/informal fun during parties, events, and more: 
    • “Hey everyone, get your RALLY UP towels and wave them in the air!” 
    • While waving the towel, “Hey kiddos, RALLY UP; it’s circle time!”
    • Cheer in unison and waive your towels: “Raaaaally UP!”
  • Activities/Games: 
    • Throwing, tossing, and catching 
    • Waving – Up and down, side to side, around like a lasso
    • Relays 
  • Use/give away at lead generating events (LGE’s)
  • Promotional product: Get marketing exposure in and out of your gym
  • Staff perspiration relief 🥵
  • RALLY UP staff for meetings
  • Member gift 🎁
  • Burp cloth (Bet you see a lot of those in your gym! 😁) 
  • Retail sales in your gym
  • Cleanup (if your ordinary towels aren’t around)
  • Be creative and have fun with your own applications/uses! 

BTW, we would love to see how you RALLY UP your staff and members, so please share your RALLY UP moments, uses, and activities on social media (@shopmygym).