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My Gym Fun

26" Mymo Stretchkin (Child Size)

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Mymo Stretchkins bring fun and fitness together just as My Gym does.  These large plush Mymo dolls have elastic in the arms and legs and straps for hands and feet so you can “wear” the Stretchkins and get them to mimic your actions as you move and stretch.

Stretchkins are used for Gymsters – Whiz Kids classes.  They are worn for warm-up during Gymsters – Whiz Kids classes.  We also use Stretchkins for Parent Share in the Gymsters and Terrific Tots classes, and we use them for a Manipulative in the Mighty Mites classes.  Children explore the item and find different body parts and colors, and they put the Stretchkins on and try to stand up or even jump!  Stretchkins are incorporated into certain songs and dances as well as practice skills for Gymsters and Tots.  We also use them for certain tumbling skills and relays for Mighty Mites and Whiz Kids.  Stretchkins are a fun element to use at any birthday party as well.