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My Gym Fun

18" Hopper Ball

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Get ready to hop, hop, hop with the My Gym branded hopper ball.  A fun addition to My Gym, these inflatable balls help kids learn balance and coordination skills while having a blast.  Kids will love hopping around the gym (as will your staff).

The hopper balls come in two sizes: 15” for kids (green, blue, and pink) and 18” for adults (red or blue).  A large white My Gym logo is printed on each hopper.  Each vinyl hopper has a textured bottom and grip handle.  The hoppers are shipped deflated to save on the freight cost, but they inflate easily with an air pump and a standard exercise ball needle (not a skinny needle used for inflating sports balls).

  • Vinyl
  • My Gym logo
  • Inflates to 15” or 18”
  • Assorted color
  • Use for programming, birthday parties, and retail
Insider Tip: The hopper balls will be used during our games and relays in classes.  The hopper balls are also really fun to have out on the gym floor during coming-in and explore times as well.  Kids love playing with the hopper balls during birthday parties too.